New to FBC?


We’re certain that you will find FBC to be a welcoming, friendly church.

What Should I Wear?
On your first visit to FBC, you will find that we are mostly casual in dress. Pastor Jonathan rarely wears a jacket or a tie.
Will I Be Pointed Out as a Guest?
No, we do not call attention to our guests. However, we hope that you will be welcomed as a guest by those you meet.
Will I Be Expected to Give an Offering?
No, our first-time guests are asked to fill out a welcome card, but no money is expected.
What Type of Worship Songs Do You Sing?
Our worship style is mostly traditional with praise choruses added in. We have a praise team with a piano, multiple guitars, and drums.
Where Should I Enter the Building?
The main entrance to the Worship Center is off of 8th Street on the East side of the building.
Where are the Restrooms?
Let’s face it, everyone wants to know where they can make a pit-stop prior to worship. The restrooms are located on the far west end of the building in the Fellowship Hall.